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Tactical vests
Available in Nylon (NY)
and Polyester (PH)

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6001 Sleeping bag
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5002 Thermal blanket
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Ref: 1005
Ammunition supplier Removable Vest

Releasable pockets
Grear ammunition storing capacity. Interior foam
Totally adjustable
Resistant net
Multy purpose extra storing


Ref: 1006
Grenades Carrier Vest
Six grenades carrier pockets reinforced in plastic sheet
Back pocket for extra storing Totally adjustable
Adjustable strap
Frontal shuting with cazuela pins
Does not loose its shape


Ref: 1011
Semi light tactical vest
Pockets for rifle cartridges hand grenades and accesories rack
Bag for basic supplies and campaign portion
Interior foam

Ref: 1012
Multi Service vest
Ideal for logistics tasks
15 multiuse external pockets
3 interior paper holder pockets
Green 1012B
Black 1012C

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